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Avery Dennison
Carlson Marketing
The Georgetown Medical Center
The Healer’s Guild of Cincinnati
The International Monetary Fund
Miller Schroeder Securities

Numerous private clients, both in the US and abroad


About a year ago, a member of our Managing Board thought it would be helpful for senior executives to receive "coaching" in order to better develop their management and communication skills in an effort to enhance both internal and external working relationships. I must admit, having lived through many senior management "ideas" during my career, I was somewhat skeptical that this initiative would resonate with me and materially impact my daily activities. I will tell you, however, that Eve Konstantine, who I was fortunate enough to have assigned to me, won me over from our very first meeting. She is an extremely warm, perceptive and thoughtful individual with excellent listening skills which translate into quiet, though powerful observations. Eve was assigned to me at a point of significant change and turnover within my team, difficulties in assimilation of new team members, and a very real danger that the corporate culture I had strived to preserve for myself and my staff would be destroyed. I explained this dynamic to Eve, and recognized that my own reactions to certain colleagues and situations was not conducive to bolstering my self-image of professionalism and maturity. I can happily tell you that both my team and I have come through the last several months intact and better prepared than before to deal with the vagaries of corporate life. I owe a very real debt of gratitude for Eve's counsel, availability, and pointers that have kept me focused through a period of significant change.

—E. A., Managing Director

Eve has helped me stay focused on achieving my life goals and dreams in a way that I was never able to do on my own. She helped me think through the right career path when I was at a tough cross road, she’s encouraging me to focus on my broader career goals, and she’s even helping me stick to the regular meditation and ‘me time’ schedule I’ve always wanted to have. Life’s a journey – and I feel so much more on track with Eve’s help.

—Lynn, Regional Director, Carlson Marketing Group

Bringing in Eve as a Human Relations Consultant has to be the high point of my business career. Her easy smile and sense of humor struck me as a person who could attract our staff’s attention. In a very short time our staff was willing to canonize Eve Konstantine. Once again, our staff was working together and the four letter words became laughter or good natured ribbing. The staff was motivated as never before. Eve Konstantine can work miracles. She is the ideal coach and mentor. All of us that came to know her love her and stay in touch with her to this day

—Joseph R. Miller, founder, Miller and Schroeder Securities

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