This CD will show you how to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

—Richard Leider, best-selling author Repacking your Bags, Whistle While You Work, Claiming Your Place at the Fire

In today’s competitive and frenetic business environment, being able to stay focused is a competitive advantage…. Breathe Easy can help…in the most stressful of times…. It’s like a warm, hot bath for your mind.

—Michael Rowny, Chairman and CEO,
Step 9 Software Corporation

As we move through our days, breathlessly... a wonderful tool for regaining center. Eve Konstantine’s belief in breathing and mindfulness comes through in the most gentle way...

—Ms. Chris Wahl, Director, Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Program, author, Be Your Own Coach

Boy, does she have the voice for it!

—Sandy H., RN


Eve believes that you can be more productive and more relaxed at the same time. Too little time and too much to do? Let Eve Konstantine’s soothing voice gently guide you through three breathing and relaxation exercises. Choose from 3, 13, or 23 minute sittings and begin to gain a sense of mastery and calm in your life.

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Breathe Easy CD

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