Strive to be that which you wish to be thought to be.


Leadership and Life Coaching

Eve believes that through a powerful, committed engagement with a coach, each one of us can awaken to our most authentic selves, and begin to live fuller, richer lives – both at work and at home – and in society as a whole.

what is coaching?

Whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a director of a non-profit, or a leader of nuclear family, there are three essential questions which, when answered, have the power to create vision, unity and concrete plans for moving ahead. They are:

A committed coaching engagement provides the ideal context in which these essential questions can be addressed. It is a co-operative, client-driven process involving inquiry, trained listening, creativity, planning, execution and accountability. The process is methodical, purposeful, rewarding and fun. You and your coach are a team. As your coach, I am 100% in your corner, as I continually urge you to engage with life as your best self. Coaching requires as little as two hours per month, and yields a very high return on investment, whether measured subjectively or by the bottom line. As such, it is one of the fastest growing fields in the world today. Stopping, taking a breath, looking around, is often the beginning of regaining balance in our lives and increasing our effectiveness as leaders and life-long learners.

where are we now?

Businesses, organizations, and the individuals who inhabit them, are being asked to absorb and assimilate more information, with less support, fewer resources, in less time, and to produce better results under greater pressure, than at any other time in human history.

More often than not, this is done on a global platform, adding multiple layers of inter-cultural variables and nuance. As a result, many of us feel we are operating in something between a pressure cooker and a vacuum. Time, the scarcest resource of all, keeps on compressing. We are required to assess situations, adapt and gain perspective with increasing speed and versatility.

Today's leaders understand the need to rise to the challenge of this multi-faceted, multi-layered, ever-in-flux environment. Leaders owe it to themselves, their organizations, their stakeholders, their families, their fellow citizens, and ultimately to the planet, to expand their capacities and develop new competencies. The building of self, both personally and professionally, can no longer be viewed as a luxury. Rather, it is a necessary responsibility.

Leaders must be willing to engage in transformational development; development that will take them to a higher order of functioning, indeed of 'being,' in their work and in the world. We are not speaking of "5 easy steps" here, nor techniques that can be acquired on a three-day retreat. More than espousing the leadership sound-bite du jour, today's leaders must live the embodiment of their values, commitments and personal stands. It is in this being rather than doing that true power and influence lie.

Leaders need to be able not only to listen, but to hear, not only to envision, but to execute, and not just for now, but with a mindset toward the legacy they will leave. Humor, lightness and a clear perspective need not be lost. And let us also note that this is, in fact, a spiritual journey as well, in whatever guise that may take. No one is not aboard this ship, Spaceship Earth.

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